Our Story

The Preferred Provider for Positive Outcomes

Preferred Podiatry Group’s unparalleled quality of care, best-in-class physicians, and technology are the driving forces behind our ability to bring unmatched compliance, financial viability, staff efficiency, and, positive outcomes to the senior living facilities and residents that we serve.


Our ability to adapt to the ever-changing post-acute landscape has elevated our status as the nationwide leader in on-site senior podiatric care. This, along with our expertly trained physicians’ attention to quality and compliance, make Preferred Podiatry Group the leading provider of on-site podiatry services. Our dedication to excellence and unique centralized support team enable us to always be available to handle your facility’s needs and support your residents.

How it All Began


Our story began in 1972, by way of a young, ambitious podiatrist looking to improve geriatric podiatric care.


Underwhelmed with the traditional repertoire of podiatric services available to residents of senior care facilities, the young podiatrist developed a comprehensive podiatric care plan that emphasized prevention, compassion, and exceptional quality within every step. This began the Preferred Podiatry Group Senior Podiatric Care Plan.


Perfected through the years, our podiatric care plan has become a leading standard for the field. As for the young podiatrist who began our story, Dr. Sandy Mason remains passionately engaged in our mission as co-owner of PPG.



We partner with facilities across the nation, and are always looking to step into new areas. Send us a message to discover how we can support your business.

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